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Tiny Homes

coming out of homelessness

Home Suite Home Collaboratively Design and Build Tiny Homes.
Below are examples of Tiny Homes and not specific Home Suite Homes.

Tiny Home Concept

Providing tiny homes for the homeless is a concept that's gaining traction in many communities. A Home Suite Home offers a safe and stable living environment for individuals moving out from the experience of homelessness. It offers a cost-effective solution and can provide a sense of autonomy and security to each individual as they step into independent living.

Tiny Home Design

One of the key benefits of tiny homes for the homeless is their scalability and flexibility. They can be set up relatively quickly and can be located in various settings where land is available. The homes are designed to be efficient in terms of space and resources, making them sustainable and practical solutions. Home Suite Home work with top local Housing Designers and Construction Companies to produce a quality, lasting Home.

Tiny Home on Residential Property

“Tiny Home” or “Accessory Dwelling Unit” is a detached structure within an existing residential property.

Municipal by-laws and building code regulations will apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other specific questions please go to "contact" and we will love to hear from you.        

In 2019, the province of Ontario passed Bill 108 ‘The More Homes, The More Choice Act’ which mandates that every Municipality in Ontario will need to have policies in place to allow Accessory Dwelling Units.

  • Zoning requirements
  • Lot size
  • Unit size
  • Height restrictions
  • Parking
  • Property Taxes and Tax Benefits
  • Private Urban Planning considerations:
  • Access to site
  • Foundation System- Helical Piers or Slab
  • Plumbing and drain service to the unit – connecting to main house or Y
  • connection to exterior of home.
  • Electrical Service- 200-amp main house/60-100 amp for unit
  • Heating System- Electrical
  • Water management

Hive Design Company’s team of professionals will guide you through the steps required to obtain a building permit.

Home Suite Home requires first and last months rent before placing the unit on site.

  • A single bedroom dwelling unit will be $500 per month, $800 on leased land.
  • A double bedroom dwelling unit will be 800 per month, $1100 on leased land.

You will sign an agreement for the time period our Home Suite Home will reside on your property. If circumstances change within this agreement period, Home Suite Home will work with you to remove the unit as quickly as is possible. The Transport Costs of approximately $3000 will be the responsibility of the Property Owner.

 Yes, and Home Suite Home can discuss the Terms and Conditions of The Rent to Own Option and whether it is suitable for you.

 There is a Tenant Eligibility Requirement Process to undertake to be approved for a Home Suite Home. This includes:

  • Police Check
  • Minimum Annual Income $25,000
  • 3 Non-Relative References
  • No arrears with a Social Housing Provider
  • Rental History
  • Employment Details