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Join our "Strike Ya Match" Campaign Today! 

Your Act of Kindness, Empowerment and Provision given to help a person move out of Homelessness into a Home Suite Home is how you can Strike Ya Match.

match being struck with smoke

What is the “Strike Ya Match” Campaign 2024/25?

one match can make an explosion

The “Strike Ya Match” Campaign was birthed out of an experience, Jeff, one of our Home Suite Home Directors had while travelling. He was in a Subway Station where He saw a Father and His daughter laying on a Subway Floor. A multitude of people carried on by. His heart was moved and he decided to buy a pastry for them from the nearby shop. He approached the girl and said “Hello, I have something for you” The girl looked at him, shocked, and her first words were “You see me.” These words are forever etched in his heart and his passion to help the homeless was sparked.
Jeff was further inspired by the ‘Fight Song’ lyric of Rachel Platten. “I might only have One Match but I can make an Explosion.” The Campaign and Song are in honour of Sue Murton and Steve Hazel who gave their hearts and time to the project.

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June 24th - Hope Essentials On-line Store Launch

July 6th - Farmers Market

July 27TH - Annual Garage Sale

August 24th - Smokin' Rails Pulled Pork BBQ

  1. Purchase/Download The Song

    You can purchase the "Strike Ya Match" song from Home Suite Home. Your $5 purchase can be a small part of helping someone take the next step out of homelessness

    Download the Song
  2. Make A Donation

    You can make a donation right here on the site. 

    Make A Donation
  3. Run a “Strike Ya Match” event in your community

    What is a “Strike Ya Match” Event?

    A “Strike Ya Match” event is your chance to transform your passion into a powerful act of compassion. It’s an initiative where you take what you love and use it to make a difference in the lives of those experiencing homelessness.

    How Does It Work?

    Find Your Passion

    Do you have a passion for music, art, writing, dancing, singing, sports, filmmaking, media, food, or any other activity? Whatever it is that you love doing, you can turn it into a “Strike Ya Match” event.

    Create Your Event

    Organize an event centered around your passion. It could be a concert, an art exhibition, a dance show, a sports tournament, a food fair, or any creative activity you can think of. The key is to use your skills and interests to draw people together.

    Raise Funds

    During your event, you can collect entrance fees, accept donations, sell merchandise, hold raffles, or set up challenges to raise money. The more inventive you are, the more engaging your event will be, and the more funds you can raise.

    Share Your Story

    Tell us about your event, and we’ll feature it on our “Strike Ya Match” page. By sharing your story, you inspire others to take action and join the cause.

    Make a Difference

    Donate the funds raised through your event via the Home Suite Home website. Your contribution, or “Package of Compassion,” will go directly towards providing homes for individuals experiencing homelessness.

    Why Participate?

    Homelessness is a dire and urgent issue. For those affected, it is a time of extreme vulnerability and hardship. By organizing a “Strike Ya Match” event, you can offer hope and tangible help. Your kindness and generosity can empower someone to rebuild their life, giving them not just a place to live, but a chance for a new beginning.

    Join Us

    Every “Package of Compassion” donated through the “Strike Ya Match” initiative brings us one step closer to ending homelessness. Together, we can create a supportive community that values empathy and action.

    So, what’s your passion? Take it, run with it, and turn it into a force for good. Let’s strike a match together and light up the path for those in need.