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Home Suite Home Affordable Housing thank all of the following Businesses for their support for our cause and for helping those who are experiencing Homelessness today.

Community Collaboration for Homelessness Prevention

Olive Your Favourites

Stilettos & Sawdust Artisan Boutique

Canadian Tire

Neob Lavendar

Distinctly Tea

Wild Hog

Cudmore Farms

Thames River Melons

Candy Co.

Sirkel Foods

Value Village

Scotsview Apples and Berries

Crazee Kernels Popcorn

Sunshine Apiarie Honey

Zehrs Farms Produce

Supreme Sausage

McIntosh Farms

Shakespeare Brewing

Pooles Cheese

Kristas Kitchen

The Peach Basket & Co.

Natural Beeswax Candles

Community Homemade Candy Kabobs