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Providing a Home for the Homeless One at a Time

Homelessness Prevention

Home Suite Home's mission is to show God’s love to our neighbours.  It is a helpless and desperate time for those experiencing homelessness. Your kindness, empowerment and provision will help to change a life. We are collaborating with community businesses, groups, and organisations to build high-quality "Tiny Homes" for those in need. 

Row of Modern looking townhouses made of paper cutouts

The Hidden Homeless

The Problem

When people think about homelessness, they often think in terms of living in a shelter or being camped out in public spaces, but a significant portion of the population experience 'hidden homelessness', like couch surfing and living with family members. They have no alternatives as affordable housing is not available.

Percentage of Canadians who have experienced 'hidden homelessness'
Percentage of Canadians who are very concerned about their ability to afford housing
Increase in cost of a detached home in 2022 in Perth-Huron

Ending the Progression of Homelessness with Tiny Homes

The Solution

Home Suite Home has a solution. We can place a high-quality Home Suite Home on a parcel of land for an affordable rent.

If you, as a relative, friend, neighbour, or stranger, have a 10m x 10m area of land on your property, we can build a high-quality Home Suite Home on it for your loved one to live in independently. Go to Contact and we want to hear from you.

We are also petitioning light commercial zoned companies to partition land for lease and contacting private land owners to donate or lease a suitable area.
 Let’s Talk!

Go to Tiny Homes for information and Frequently Asked Questions.

We will also be identifying Property to purchase so please consider helping by making a contribution today. Here’s how you can help:

Join our Strike Ya Match Campaign, Get Involved and purchase from our online store Hope Essentials.

To make a Donation, click the donate button below.

Papercutout tiny house

Strike Ya Match

Strike Ya Match is all about using your skills, abilities and passions to help in the fight against homelessness. Your Act of Kindness, Empowerment and Provision given to help a person move out of Homelessness into a Home Suite Home is how you can Strike Ya Match. 

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